Faith Baptist Church

Independent, Fundamental, Premillennial


   Faith Baptist Church began in 1994 with 6 charter members in a rented office space in East Moline. We utilized one room and a closet. The main room served as an auditorium, fellowship, banquet hall and activity center. The closet was outfitted as a nursery. As attendance grew we rented the adjacent space, taking down the dividing wall, and expanding the auditorium area. This allowed for pews to be brought in rather than the chairs we had used before. With further growth a third office was rented which served as a Sunday School and activity center. We remained in this rental-expansion-growth phase for 7 years.

   In November of 2001 the church purchased its current location, and the possibilities for varied ministry increased greatly. Young people have enjoyed these premises for energetic youth activities, special days have seen people crowd into our auditorium, and evangelists and missionaries have graced our pulpit. Our choir sings periodically from the loft and men's and ladies singing groups from the podium as well as our soloists. Teenagers have conducted services and preached for us, and the younger classes have put on programs of scripture recitation and song.

   The objective of Faith Baptist has remained the same from the beginning. We worship and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in everything (Ep.3:21), presenting eternal life through Him to those who have not yet been saved, and equipping those who are saved to walk closely with Him in power and in joy. We have seen many come to Christ for salvation, and we have witnessed lives changed by the power of God through this ministry. Faith Baptist is Christ-centered and Bible-based.

   Let me take this opportunity to invite you to join us for services where Christ can be known and the Bible understood. We meet at 10AM every Sunday morning and 6PM each Sunday night with a mid week Bible study Wednesdays at 7PM. You will find, as so many have said, that we are a friendly welcoming church with a Heavenly emphasis.




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DO WE HAVE THE WORD OF GOD TODAY? We believe that in the 66 books of the Holy Bible known as the Old and New Testaments comprise the verbally inspired and inerrant Word of God. It has been preserved through the ages and is available for us today. The 1611 King James Version is used exclusively in the ministry of this church. It is the sole rule of faith and practice.

520 12th Street

Moline, Il 61265

Sunday Morning - 10:00 AM

Sunday Evening - 6:00 PM

Wednesday Evening - 7:00 PM


Stan Gustafson, Pastor